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About Us

Sanda Excellence provides unique ‘Life Enhancing Experiential Development’ Programs that are based on proven neuroscience research using a vast library of instruments and ‘Real Life Simulations’ ensuring that your learning experiences are timely, relevant and have clear learning’s at the end.

A twenty-year study of leadership effectiveness conducted by Stanford University’s School of Business concluded that about 15% of one’s success in leading organizations comes from technical skills and knowledge, while 85% comes from the ability to connect with people and engender trust and mutual understanding.
And yet we spend over 15 years of our life in the pursuit of the technical skills.
Partly because we go through life believing that our learning is other people’s responsibility and
To a large extent due to the fact that most conventional people development programs focus on the theory rather than practice of those skills

No More Square Pegs in Round Holes
Sanda Excellence offers you the opportunity to take ownership of your learning. Our ‘Life Enhancing Experiential Development’ Programs fill the vacuum left by conventional development programs by:

    • offering high quality and thought provoking content,
    • delivered by qualified life coaches
    • in a stimulating environment, and
    • most importantly training participants in its application through case studies, real life scenarios and simulations

    Sanda Excellence is the fruition of one man’s belief that effective development only happens through ‘experience’. Sanda Excellence is the brain child of Mr. Ajit Patel, CEO and Founder, Sanda Group of Companies.

    Mr. Patel, who is based in the UK and is a pharmacist by profession, is the founder of Goldshield PLC, one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies run by an Indian in the UK. Goldshield was one of the first companies led by an Indian to be publicly quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

    Aptly referred to as “The King of the Pill”, Mr. Patel was felicitated with the British Young Entrepreneur Award in 2000. In 2002, Forbes Global Magazine voted Goldshield as one of the top 200 Best Small Companies outside the US with $ 1 billion or less in revenue. Mr. Patel who was Goldshield’s CEO/Chairman from its inception till mid 2007 is still a major shareholder.

    The Sanda Group of Companies comprises of Sanda Hotels, Sanda Wellness and Sanda Excellence

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